Whether you are celebrating an event, or just looking for a treat, our delicious gourmet cookies are the perfect choice! Made with only the finest ingredients and no added preservatives, our cookies are baked to order so you are guaranteed a fresh, moist, and chewy cookie every time! Order your favourite flavour or an assortment. Treat yourself today!

*Please note:  Our cookies cannot be made Egg or Dairy Free.

$7.75/ Dozen

Oatmeal Chocolate Cookie.jpg
gourmet cookies double chocolate chip
gourmet cookies chocolate chip
Chocolate Chip Cookie Bag.jpg

Chocolate Chip

Oatmeal Raisin

Double Chocolate Chip

Ginger gourmet cookies


$8.75/ Dozen

Shortbread with Chocolate Drizzle

gourmet cookies smarties


gourmet cookies shortbread with chocolate drizzle

Min. 12 per order. Start at $3 each.
See below for shape ideas.  Designs vary per order.

Oval shortbread sugar cookiesr.jpg


shortbread sugar cookies.jpg
heart shaped shortbread sugar cookies.jpg
shirt shapes shortbread sugar cookies.jpg




Star of David shaped cookies.jpg


custom shape shortbread sugar cookies.jpg
Custom Shapes.jpg
Mini Shortbread Sugar Floods.jpg
Shortbread Butter Cookie Container.jpg

Custom Shapes

Custom Shapes

Mini Circle, Heart & Flower (24/$8)

DPC _DP.png

NEW! Digitally Printed Cookies! 
$2.25 each
Standard in-house designs (no min. order) Click here for designs
Upload your own design (Min. 6 per order)
All DPC's come individually wrapped.

dpc spiderman.jpg

All our Cookie Grams are boxed and come with a personalized card.

Standard Cookie Grams start at $25.

Prices noted for shapes or additional designs.  Edible image on cookie gram is an additional $20 

Custom Cookie Gram stars and swirls

Stars & Swirls

Custom Cookie Gram stars and swirls
Custom Cookie Gram butterfly

Stars & Swirls - Blue


Custom Cookie Gram daisy
Custom Cookie Gram


Character Design

Custom Cookie Gram.jpg

Custom Design

Available on any kind of cookie.  12 per order.

$30/dozen.  Must be ordered 3 days in advance.

Sonic Edible Image cookie.jpg

Edible Images

Must be ordered 3 days in advance.

4 cookie bag.jpg
Cookie Loot.jpg

4 Cookie Bags

Starts at $3.50

Cookie Tray.jpg

Assorted Cookie Trays
24 Cookies - $24
36 Cookies - $31
48 Cookies - $38
60 Cookies - $45

Don't see something you want?  Just ask!