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CBR first cake

The very first CBR cake

Cakes By Robert had humble beginnings. While working at a grocery store bakery, a friend asked Robert to make him a cake on his day off. That one cake led to another, and another, and another, as people started craving Robert’s delicious freshly-baked cakes, REAL butter cream icing, and awesome designs! 

Robert left his job to start making cakes full time in his home kitchen.

When the business got too big for a home business, he moved to

134 Doncaster Ave, Unit #5, and has been in the same location at the bottom of the hill for over 25 years! 

Cakeman family grandkids

The Cakeman

with his #1 fans!

CBR first birthday party

The first CBR birthday party

That same year, CBR started hosting Nut-free children’s baking birthday parties! Kids aged 5-12 would gather 20 friends to make their own pizzas, decorate their own cupcakes, make ice-cream sundaes, dance the Macarena, laugh at cheesy jokes, win prizes, and watch Robert decorate a custom birthday cake right in front of them to take home! As time went on, Robert enlisted additional hosts: first his sister-in-law, Marla, and this his daughters, Jessica and Amanda, and a group of their friends. The parties lasted for 10 years!

Sheri, Robert’s late wife, was an instrumental partner in this bakery venture. In CBR’s early days on Doncaster, she took on the role of office manager, helping to expand the baking and decorating team. She started a line of loot bags that were a big hit for home parties, as well as a line of nut-free decadent cookies! Customers loved talking to her when they picked up their cakes – always leaving with a smile!

CBR Rob and Sheri

Rob & Sheri

CBR Logo
CBR logo
CBR Logo New

Over the last 36 years, Cakes By Robert grew from a one-man show to a team of 18. As their product line expanded from simple birthday cakes to other confections to extravagant works of edible art, they always stayed true to their values of creating fresh, made to order, custom treats. Robert maintains that his nut-free products have always been and always will be ‘Simply the Best’! 

"It's been an absolute joy bringing our cakes and delicious treats to your home throughout the decades!

Thank you for letting us be a part of your families."

- Rob "Cakeman" Taylor

rob taylor.jpg

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