Our cupcakes are the perfect treat! Same great taste as our cakes with our famous buttercream icing! Or try our specialty icing varieties!

Regular size cupcakes come in packs of 6.

Choose Ultimate Chocolate, Simply vanilla, or a mix of both.

A selection of our cupcakes are available Gluten Free, Egg Free and Dairy Free.

Our standard cupcakes (no custom design) can be ordered using our new online order system!

All custom orders must be made by phone or email.

sprinkles cupcakes.jpg

Sprinkles or
Sugar Crystals

swirls cupcakes.jpg



daisy cupcakes.jpg



Chocolate Fudge Supreme

​Dulce Supreme Cupcakes


cupcakes chocolate buttercream

Chocolate Buttercream


cupcakes edible images

Edible Images

Starts at $30/doz.

cupcakes personalized


Starts at $15/6

roses cupcakes.jpg



hydrangeas cupcakes.jpg



cupcakes characters


Starts at $30

fondant cupcakes.jpg

Fondant Topper

Starts at $30/6


Mini-cupcakes come in packs of 12.

Mini Classic
Sugar or Sprinkles

Mini Classic

Mini Decadent Café

Mocha, Vanilla Bean & Chocolate icing 


Mini Sundae Split

Banana Caramel, Strawberry, Fudge icing


Mini Tropicals

Lemon, Lime, and Orange icing. Topped with Jellies.


tearaway cakes

Price includes one hand-drawn design on a white background.

Choice of vanilla, chocolate or half/half.


Custom Tearaway

Number with Daisies.jpg

Number Tearaway

character designs tear away cupcakes

Character Tearaway


Cross Tearaway

15 cupcakes $45

20 cupcakes $55

25 cupcakes $65

30 cupcakes $75

40 cupcakes $90

48 cupcakes $100

cupcake trays

Choice of vanilla, chocolate or half/half.

Pricing varies for cupcake design


Mini Cupcakes.jpg
Mix Cupcake Tray.jpg

12 cupcakes start at $24

24 cupcakes start at $45

24 mini cupcakes start at $27

48 mini cupcakes start at $50

Ask about our combo trays!

Cupcake/Cookie & Cupcake/Tarts


individual cupcakes

  • Any regular sized cupcake can be packaged in individual containers.

  • Price varies by cupcake design.

  • No minimum for regular cupcakes.

  • Minimum 12 for edible images. 

individual packaged cupcakes

Don't see something you want?  Just ask!