Allergy Information

At Cakes by Robert we take food allergies and intolerances very seriously. We are committed to offering our customers both safe and delicious products made with only the finest ingredients. We are a 100% dedicated Peanut and Tree Nut Free Facility. We ensure all our raw products are free from Peanuts and Tree Nuts as well. Therefore anyone with a Peanut/Tree Nut allergy can safely consume all our products! Although we are not an Egg or Dairy Free Facility we do offer Cakes and Cupcakes made without Dairy and Egg . We have specific days and times we produce cakes and cupcakes without Dairy and Egg to ensure they are safe from cross contamination.

We ensure all equipment and work surfaces are clean and sanitized. That is why we ask for one week's notice when placing your Cakes and Cupcakes made without Dairy and Egg order. Also our Cakes and Cupcakes made without Dairy and Egg contain a separate sticker indicating that they are "Made Without Dairy/Egg". All our cookies and specialty products DO contain egg or dairy products and therefore we cannot offer these products to our Egg/Dairy Free consumers.

Our Dairy Free Cakes contain water and eggs. Our Egg Free and/or Dairy Free Cakes and cupcakes contain soy-milk and egg substitute. Our Buttercream Icing contains milk and butter. Our Parve/Dairy Free Icing contains water and Kosher Margarine. There are no eggs in our butter cream Icings. Our royal icing DOES contain meringue, which includes albumen (derived from egg whites). Please always indicate upon ordering should you require your order to be made without Egg or Dairy. Unfortunately we cannot offer Soy Free or Gluten Free products at this time.  

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